Audi RS7 in self- driving 240 km / h without pilot | Video

The final round of the DTM Audi RS7 also saw the main Piloted Driving Car Concept, a prototype that addressed the Hockenheimring without the pilot, relying completely on the autonomous driving computer (Bobby), this is the name that the technicians have saddled the computer installed on the RS7.

The concept has come around without a spare accelerator using GPS for location, a 3D on board camera and a radio module to send and receive information in real time. The accuracy of the system is the centimeter and the car reach 240 km / h top speed along the lap at just over 2 minutes.

Ulrich Hackenberg is satisfied with the company and in 2015 announced that Audi will complete the development of the system of autonomous driving in city traffic at low speeds , then by 2020 the goal shared by other manufacturers for car automatic in every situation. Below is the official video with views from the cockpit, plus helicopter outside the and technical commentary of the Bobby tour!


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