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Mazda CX-3

Will 2015 be the year of the SUV? New models revealed

The SUV market in Britain has been growing recently with the introduction of new models which not only improve their environmental credentials but also save their owners money and still manage to keep their comfort and performance amongst the best on the road. So what will 2015 bring for the […]

Available in different colours
Design / Fashion

Lautem | Architectural handbags for elegant looks

Lautem is a bags trademark unfit for everyone. Its conceptual design, stylish and innovative, is the work of an architect who has paid special attention to proportions and details when making his designs. This together with the expertise of master craftsmen of Ubrique (Cádiz), has resulted in some bags of […]

Fashion tips – for the people away from the cool

Fashion tips – for the people away from the cool

Unless you live in an uber-cosmopolitan city like London, Paris, New York, Madrid or some other glistening capital, staying aboard the fashion train is about as easy as staying aboard a real train without paying your fare. But if you have the basics sorted, the rest won’t matter – you’ll […]

Quite impressive

Ferrari FXX K | An even superior car than LaFerrari was possible

You won’t try it, you won’t be able to buy it and you won’t see one in the flesh (or metal and carbon) in your life, but that won’t take you from admiring which is the mother of all Ferraris. If in his latest creation the Italian manufacturer made it clear that it was ‘ […]

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Business / Tech

Why having a personal website is a good investment?

A personal website is probably something you haven’t thought about too much – after all, you are not a celebrity, a famous sports person or a well-known politician, and you don’t have a bunch of screaming fans who want to follow every single step you make and know every single […]

Modern Lighting
Decor / Design / Lifestyle

Modern Lighting in the Home

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in these modern times and this is perhaps nowhere more evident than in home-lighting techniques. If you are looking to provide your dwelling with a bespoke ambiance and a unique personality, nothing can change its overall impression than an educated choice of lighting […]

You won’t believe what happens when a slinky spring falls from high

You won’t believe what happens when a slinky spring falls from high

Today’s post is really funny. To play we need a toy or imagination, and today we will use both. The chosen toy is the slinky spring, I’m sure we all understand which one it is. The fact is that in addition to the fun of throwing it downstairs or playing […]

The same watch

Sony FES | The first watch able to change its appearance

Electronic ink is used on some devices, mainly book readers such as Kindle, cause it allows to display elementary black and white graphics without spending too much energy and with a great readability even in direct sunlight. This watch uses that technology and uses it to modify its design whenever the user wants. […]

The solution's finally here

Google fights Parkinson’s disease with the Liftware spoon

Google is investing money, brains and technology to improve a spoon that, through hundreds of algorithms, allows people with Parkinson‘s disease eat without spilling their food. This artifact is called Liftware, and it senses the movement of the hand to instantly make adjustments to improve balance, reducing tremor in a […]

This one could be the next victim

Malware infection now in electronic cigarettes too

As if it was not enough with hard drives, WiFi connections or USB gadgets, we now have a new type of devices to worry about when it comes to avoiding malware: electronic cigarettes. A security analyst claims to have found malware on one of these devices manufactured in China. How is it […]