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Christine McKenzie (center) in her lab
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A bucket of this substance could leave a room without air

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have created a new crystalline material capable of absorbing and storing large concentrations of oxygen. A simple 10-liter bucket air could leave a room with no oxygen! At first glance, it seems like the diabolical invention of any superhero’s enemy or a sophisticated military […]

Catalina Botero

Organized crime | Major challenge for freedom of expression

Catalina Botero is the Colombian in front of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the IACHR. It has been six long years during which she has continued in her efforts to protect the right to information, which she considers sacred and cornerstone of a healthy democracy. That effort, […]

Tired Internauts

Internauts exhausted after years shifting from one social network to another

After years wandering in search of the ultimate social network, internet users declare they’re tired of wandering the internet, according to several reports. They say “We have to move again,” as they’re informed by other users or one of their contacts that a new social network has been born. According […]