Artworks That Took Creativity to a Different Level

Artworks That Took Creativity to a Different Level

Sculptures are works of art that depict various aspects of life. But some artists tend to take it to a different level of creativity that borders funny or bizarre. Some installations, however, are just plain amazing. Salmon Sculpture The Salmon Sculpture in Portland, Oregon is not your typical fish statue […]

Checklight helmet

Checklight helmet to prevent concussions in contact sports

Regarding to sports, technology is evolving every day to seek improvement in working conditions for athletes. The goal is to facilitate optimum conditions of quality and safety for sports people. To this end emerged in the United States CheckLight, which is probably unknown to you if you’re not an expert in sports […]

Royal Scandals: Tale of the Most Notable Royal Blunders
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Royal Scandals: Tale of the Most Notable Royal Blunders

There is no such thing as happily ever after, especially for the real-life royalties. They may be viewed to have a fairy-tale life, but the reality is far from all sunshine and everlasting love. In the wake of the news that Princess Cristina, the sister of Spain’s King Felipe VI, […]

Modern Lighting
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Modern Lighting in the Home

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in these modern times and this is perhaps nowhere more evident than in home-lighting techniques. If you are looking to provide your dwelling with a bespoke ambiance and a unique personality, nothing can change its overall impression than an educated choice of lighting […]

ASUS ZenWatch is shown in a first unboxing video
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ASUS ZenWatch is shown in a first unboxing video

A few days now since the marketing promotion, here comes the first video unboxing of the ASUS ZenWatch ( here’s our video preview at IFA 2014). The device, which is priced at $ 199 ( € 199 when it arrives in Europe) , is characterized by a very high design […]

The smart thermostat
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A smart thermostat as you had never seen before | Tado

Internet of Things (IoT) is subtly infiltrating our lives. A good example is the Smart Thermostat Tado, a system able to manage the temperature of the house depending on whether you’re in it or not. Interestingly, it’s able to detect the user’s presence and optimize the temperature based on that […]

LG G Watch R: first unboxing video
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LG G Watch R: first unboxing video

We already know for a fact that the long-awaited LG G Watch R will arrive in Europe at the beginning of November , almost a week, in the meantime, peeped the network the first unboxing video, that allows us to look at the contents of the package but especially to […]

Android eating Apple
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Google helps you to switch from Apple to Android

If you are a user who comes or wants to come to the Android world from the dark side of the apple, you’ll surely find many things that will slow you down. Those doubts that arise when you fear if you’ll lose something during the change, like contacts, photos or music for example. To give […]

We hope you always click on the first option
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Facebook worries about you in natural disasters | Safety Check tool

After confirming that in times of natural disasters, conflict or crisis, people turn to Facebook to see if their loved ones are okay, Mark Zuckerberg‘s social network  has developed a Safety Check tool that informs contacts if the user’s safe and also allows to know if others are too. Furthermore, the new feature locates those friends […]

Show them they'll always matter to you
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Ten scientific tips that will bring you near happiness

Do you make enough to be happy? With the routine, we postpone happiness at the weekend, holidays, or any event that takes us from day to day. So today we are going to show you 10 tips supported by science that will help you to be happier (or at least to try!). 1. Make […]