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FIFA 15: EA releases a new patch

A few hours ago, the creators of home Electronic Arts have released an extensive network patch for FIFA 15 football simulation that is virtually monopolizing the charts in several countries.The new code will correct a number of aspects actually criticized by the press and by gamers. We are faced with a fact that a change will alter the management of the shooting and goalkeeping. Unfortunately, EA did not go to deepen the whole, therefore today we cannot yet know what will be the effect that the patch will have on the game.

Fifa 2015

Fifa 2015

We can still recall the goalkeeper in Pro clubs, while we note a number of improvements to the Goal Line Technology and a dedicated balancing the difficulty level of “Legendary “. The code will also adjust to the duration of the match in the FIFA Ultimate Team Single Player Seasons, injuries and unavailability will be involved in what happens in reality and several improvements dedicated to the career, the Management Team and much more.

Specifically, on the PlayStation 4, the patch will fix the stuttering during the games online and offline, while on Xbox One it will increase the effect of the blur motion. Owners of the Sony consoles and PCs can already download the patch while those who purchased the game machine of Microsoft will have to wait a for few more days.




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