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Google helps you to switch from Apple to Android

If you are a user who comes or wants to come to the Android world from the dark side of the apple, you’ll surely find many things that will slow you down. Those doubts that arise when you fear if you’ll lose something during the change, like contacts, photos or music for example.

To give you that final push from undecision, Google has created a small website that explains the process of migration from iOS‘ four basic sections: Photos and Music, Contacts, Email and messages and Apps.

Come, get comfortable...

Come, get comfortable…

The guide itself is simple for dummies, and it’s based primarily on the use of Google+ in the multimedia section to take advantage of its backup in the cloud tool, so you’ll have everything saved up there and it’ll be as easy as downloading it to your new device.

In the contacts section goes through synchronizing contacts via Gmail account, and the Apps section encourages us to use Google Play to find those applications you use in iOS to help you not miss any features from your previous settings.

Android eating Apple

Android eating Apple

It’s definitely a help, brief, but it’ll encourage many Apple users to take the final step toward, this great mobile platform, Android. Moreover we attest this movement is quite similar to one Apple has already hada few months ago, although in opposite direction. It created a special support site to help users to move their content from their Android phone to an Iphone, making them feel ready too to make the final switch to Steve Job‘s phone. From Camsleeve we don’t want to choose which one’s better cause that’s your final decision, so we thought the best we could do is to show both alternatives, cause the fact of you having all the information is the best advice.

Not so fast, Android...

Not so fast, Android…

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