Internauts exhausted after years shifting from one social network to another

After years wandering in search of the ultimate social network, internet users declare they’re tired of wandering the internet, according to several reports. They say “We have to move again,” as they’re informed by other users or one of their contacts that a new social network has been born. According to the person, “it is forcing everyone to move.”

“Should we go back? Oh, God, no..” said a netizen or internaut with distaste as he feels unable to “start over from scratch.” Subsequently the same person has requested an invitation to register for the new network which is the trend at this time and has been fired from his current profile.

According to reports, netizens are sick of losing family and friends in each new exodus. “And the memories that stay here,” said another user to the press as he gathered his pictures to put back in his new profile.” I hope there is enough room..” he added.

Tired Internauts

Tired Internauts

Many refuse to leave behind what they have built over the years, after the last exodus forced them to abandon their previous profiles. “Every few years it’s the same. Enough, just leave us alone,” some of them plead.

“Most decided to leave but I stayed here with my family and the few that remain; I have my mother here and she is too old to learn from scratch again,” said a tired surfer from the reports. He’s referring to one of the older social networks that are not as popular as they used to be anymore.

“I give up, keep going, I’m staying here, I’m slowing”, has ruled another user who refuses to leave Google Plus and decided to stay alone while his friends and associates declare their intention to move.

“I’ll stay here, because I’ve gotten tired to switching social networks so often.” he added.

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