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Is It Possible to Earn a Living and Travel around the World?

Earning a living and traveling is a dream that many people wanted to fulfill. But not everyone has the privilege of doing both. This is because one needs to have skills that will allow her to be able to work remotely for a company to fund her trips.

Here are a few jobs you can do to realize your lifelong dream of going around the world.

Freelance writer

When you’re a copywriter, all you need is a laptop and a good internet service to be able to write anywhere, whether you’re in the middle of the Indian Ocean or somewhere in Brazil. This is what a lot of people do to earn a living while being able to visit other countries. Although it may not be the highest paying job in the world, it could be enough to fund your next adventure.


Graphic artist

You will need to be adept at using Photoshop or other similar application. You might think that this is a pretty straightforward job, but it’s not. It actually requires a lot of skills to be able to deliver high quality images that clients will need. These range from logos to billboard campaigns.


This is another job that requires in-depth knowledge, particularly in PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL and other programming language. If you want to be backpacking around Asia for months and be a programmer, you need years of study and experience to be able to land a job as a freelance programmer.



If you were employed as a lawyer, HR manager, IT manager, marketing executive or other position of authority, you can offer consultations to clients online. You can use instant messaging and video conferencing applications to do this. But you can do it wherever you are, whether you’re in a café in Italy or a beach in Ibiza.

SEO expert

Search engine optimization is the method of making a website rank in top positions for search engine queries. Although this may sound easy, you need to be knowledgeable in certain techniques to be able to help your clients’ sites land the first page of search engine results while you’re enjoying a sojourn in Myanmar or camping in the middle of Kenya. Most of all, you need to have excellent analytical skills to be able to provide the best SEO services.

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