Samsung Chromebook 2 – Now with Intel Bay Trail CPU

It is an in a line budget (249$) with that of the best rival models, enough to guarantee a good responsiveness and multitasking worthy of the name. The pros of this model are the build quality (Samsung Chromebook 2 is still the best Chromebook for the frame, trim, weight and thickness) and the matte display (the others have 11 -inch glossy screen), while the delay in marketing makes the price slightly higher than the models Asus, Acer and HP7.

Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2

It will be important to understand what will happen to the Chromebook SoC Exynos Octa. Samsung has been one of the few companies to have Chromebook with ARM CPU for sale (in addition to K1 Tegra 2 models of Acer and HP ) and the move to Bay Trail does not leave a good feeling for the future.

Some days ago we talked about the upcoming Chrome OS with LTE -based hardware and Mediatek Rockchip , but what will the big brands do?


Samsung has stopped the Chromebook notebook market in Europe but in the United States continues to invest in this sector. Since yesterday in advance they showed the new Chromebook 2 XE500 C12 , the first Chrome with OS hardware-based Intel Bay Trail from Samsung. It will only cost $ 249 and it will be the model that replaces the historic ARM Chromebook to the end of 2012 .

Chromebook 2 XE500 C12 uses the frame, lines and finishes of Chromebook 2 CPU with Exynos Octa , and more specifically the silver variant used in the configuration display with Full HD. It has He N2840 Celeron CPU , 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB eMMC , Wifi ac , and 1366 x 768 pixel matte screen .



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