Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS: characteristics of the new model

When it comes to Suzuki, Suzuki Bandit is definitely one of the most historical models. It is impossible not to know that this range at EICMA 2014 was renewed with Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS. The icon is updated to a new version; a semi- faired which is not ashamed to show the entire engine and offers a fairing with tall windshield to protect the rider.

Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS

A move of everything that comes with a four-cylinder 1255 cc , liquid-cooled unit that should deliver around 100 horsepower and is managed by a six-speed gearbox . For this model, the engineers have been working on the reduction of internal friction while the new 32-bit ECU manages the mappings: in this way the Bandit aims to optimize both power and fuel economy.

Suzuki Bandit 1250S

Brake-wise the Bandit is fitted with two front discs 310 mm and one 240 mm rear, bitten by four-piston calipers with ABS as standard to ensure safety. Finally, the seat is adjustable in height with a delta of 20 mm to make the Bandit fit for all sizes. For the moment these are the known characteristics, expect from the EICMA 2014 for price and the complete specifications.



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