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Ten scientific tips that will bring you near happiness

Do you make enough to be happy? With the routine, we postpone happiness at the weekend, holidays, or any event that takes us from day to day. So today we are going to show you 10 tips supported by science that will help you to be happier (or at least to try!).

1. Make more exercise: Just seven minutes are enough. Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness and well-being that has been categorized as one of the best strategies to overcome depression; although you don’t need to be depressed for exercise, cause it also helps us to relax and increase brain power.

Some exercise and good bye stress

Some exercise and good bye stress

2. Sleep more: Sleep helps us to recover from the day, concentrate better and be more productive. The state of relaxation it provides us is also vital for our happiness.

3. Live close to your work: It’s even more important than having a big house. Our trip to the office can have a dramatic impact on our happiness. The fact that we make this trip twice a day and five days a week makes this discomfort accumulate over time and make us less happy.

4. Spend more time with friends and family: One of the most common regrets when someone dies is not having spent as much time as you wanted with your friends and family.

Show them they'll always matter to you

Show them they’ll always matter to you

5 Go out: The fresh air of the street doesn’t only improve our mood, but also expands our thinking and memory. 20 minutes are enough, which can be during lunch or when you do some sports, for example. Near the sea, in the mountains, or anywhere else that keeps us from urban centers

6 Help the others: 100 hours per year (or two per week) is the optimal number of time to be spent in helping others to enrich our lives, but it’s not only giving gifts: to spend some of your time helping a friend with his moves, building up together his new pool or just chatting about how things are going makes us much happier.

7. Practice your smile: Smiling for no reason can make us feel better, but when it’s for something positive the benefits are greater.

A smile like his everyday!

A smile like his everyday!

8. Plan a trip, but don’t go: It sounds absurd, but it’s been demonstrated that the peak of happiness on a holidays planning is acquired during the approach. If you can’t go on holidays now don’t worry: a simple circle in a day on our calendar reminds us of the plan and will make us happier.

9. Meditate: Meditation leads us to experience a sense of calm and well-being, so just a regular meditation routine improves our happiness levels.

10. Learn to thank: Personally I consider this as the most important one as a grateful person eases social relationships get stronger ties, while by being an ungrateful person all you get is closing doors.

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