When Fashion and Technology Collide

Who says you can’t be techy and fashionable at the same time? With some of the wearable technologies that go beyond smart watches and Google glass, fashion in the future is sure to be technology based.

Wearable Solar

Don’t you just hate it when the only accessory suitable with your outfit is a clutch or a purse? You can’t even fit a charger in it, which can be a problem if your phone dies on you. With the Wearable Solar, however, you charge a smartphone with the dress you’re wearing. Worn under the sun for a full hour, you can charge your phone by up to 50%. The same idea is now being applied to bags as well. Soon enough, you could be a walking charger when you wear the right clothes.


Air Purifier Bangles

Want to lessen air pollution in places that you visit? With the Hand Tree bangles, you can. The tech tog is designed to suck up polluted air, recycle it and then release it back to the atmosphere. If everyone wears one, the air around will be cleaner than ever. The accessory comes with a refillable carbon filter, rechargeable battery and an organic LED screen.


Smart Bike Helmet

This bike helmet from Adafruit, a company that sells DIY kits and electronics, is intelligent enough to give cyclist directions on where to turn. It has a built-in navigation system with lights that flashes left or right, depending on where you’re supposed to go. Although the interface is not yet fully automated, it is a lot better than using your phone to navigate.

Tech togs are the rave these days, with some less conspicuous than others. Regardless if they’re designed according to their function or not, there’s no doubt that the trends in fashion will have traces of technology with them.


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