3 of the Most Awesome Book-to-Movie Adaptations This 2014

For many decades now, bestselling books have been adapted into movies. These include The Silence of the Lambs, Planet of the Apes, Lolita, Brokeback Mountain, The Lord of the Rings and of course, the Harry Potter book series. If you’re both a movie-lover and a bookworm, you might want to check out seven of the coolest book-to-movie adaptations this 2014.



Shown in cinemas worldwide in March 2014, this film was based on the book written by Veronica Roth of the same title. It’s a sci-fi/action/adventure film that revolves around the story of a young lady named Tris, played by Shailene Woodley, who has tattoos and can kick butts. The young woman learns that she’s Divergent and doesn’t fit in. She then discovers a plot to destroy everyone like her. Together with the mysterious Four, portrayed by Theo James, they searched for answers as to why they are dangerous.


The Fault in Our Stars

The booked the movie was based on was written by John Green, a young American author who has won a Printz Award for his first novel, Looking for Alaska. The film The Fault in Our Stars also starred Shailene Woodley, but this time she was teamed up with Ansel Elgort. This very touching movie tells about the story of young love amidst cancer. The two teens who are suffering from different cancer conditions met at a support group and fell in love. They went on a journey that made them closer, but only to find out that Augustus, the leading man, died.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

This film adapted from a book by Richard C. Morais is all about food and well, an Indian family who left their home country to start a new life in France after their family business was set on fire, killing their mother. They find themselves a nice, quiet place to start a new restaurant business, but was constantly antagonized by Madame Mallory, played by Dame Helen Mirren. Don’t worry, the movie has a happy ending though. How did it end? That’s for you to find out.


Other book adaptations that were released this year include The Maze Runner, This Is Where I Leave You, Gone Girl, Big Hero 6 and Snowpiercer. Also, watch out for Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon, which is based on Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. There’s a lot of buzz going on about the actress’ performance on the film, so be sure to watch it on December.

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