4 Things You Could Do with the iOS9 that Wasn’t Possible Before

The iOS9, Apple Inc.’s ninth release of its mobile operating system, was launched on September 16, 2015. While many people may have had problems after updating their iPhone’s or iPad’s OS, it’s undeniable that the latest iOS comes with incredible optimizations. Here are some of the things you could do with the iOS9 that you can’t before:

No more all-caps snafus

The new iOS9 keyboard lets you switch back and forth to ensure you can see you’re using the right letter case. This addresses the myriad of complaints over capitalized texts. You can also set the all-caps button easily with the new solid black arrow and white background.


Avoid being caught viewing NSFW stuff

When you’re in the office, or school, a lot of people accidentally, or intentionally for some, can browse what you’re looking at in your phone. But with the update, you can now hide those NSFW images so not everyone can see them in your stream. They can still be viewed in the albums but will be hidden in your collection. All you need to do to enable it is to open the Share menu on a certain image and click Hide.

Make the most of Siri

Siri is every iOS user’s favorite AI, as it can answer random questions and tells you jokes. With the iOS9, Siri has more upgrades, including a better search function and quick response to certain requests. One of which is to tell her to pull up a photo you are looking for on a specific date or location. This saves you time scrolling through a host of other images.


Find all your prized selfies in a single album

Scrolling through your albums for the perfect selfie to post to your Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr account can be tedious. Now, there’s an app that’s available with the iOS9 that automatically puts all of the photos you too from the front camera of your iPhone or iPad into one folder.

Try these amazing new features in your iPhone or iPad today!

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