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6 Things Naturally Skinny Girls Don’t Want to Hear Anymore

Many people work hard and exert a lot of effort to achieve what is considered by the fashion industry as the right size, which is anywhere from size 0 to 2. Then, there are those who are lucky enough who does not need to do anything to be thin, like Kristen Stewart, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie and Krysten Ritter, among others. But because naturally skinny people are often the object of envy, they usually get a lot of rude or unpleasant comments about them, which they are actually really tired of hearing.

Do you even eat?

Of course, thin people eat. How do you think they survive if they don’t have at least three meals a day? They’re still humans – they need food for nourishment.

You probably eat only once a day.

That’s not true. Skinny persons get hungry too, and if they starve, like you, they could get sick.


Wow, you’re eating!

That’s really not surprising given that they have stomachs like the rest of us. Again, they need nourishment to be able to go on about their daily lives.

Where does all the food you eat go?

Obviously, it goes down to their stomachs. Where else would it go? It’s not like they have an opening somewhere in their body that disposes of the food they ate other than their butts, right?

It’s not fair that you’re that thin.

It’s not their fault that they are genetically designed to be thin for the rest of their lives. It’s just a matter of perspective. They have a body just like you, and you look great just like them. If only you’d learn to be more appreciative of what you have, then you’ll see just how beautiful you are, too.


Real women should have curves.

First of all, thin people have body and flesh, making them real people. Body-shaming in any form is wrong. And telling a girl that only women with curves are considered real women is a form of body-shaming, which should not be encouraged as this can damage a person’s self-esteem.

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