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Alarm for a new partying trend | Brake fluid in drinks

The case of three intoxicated youngsters, who nearly died in a nightclub in Rosario, realized the new practice. Drinking this new substance affects the central nervous system and the kidneys produce sequels. A new fashion that is becoming very alarming among parents and authorities. It is a drink that can have fatal effects and includes the mixture of alcohol and brake fluid. The case of three young men who nearly died in a bowling alley by drinking the new “crazy jar” revealed “novelty” is of concern to parents and authorities.

According to newspapers, teens who had to be hospitalized were between 19 and 21 years. “The truth is they do not know what to try. Already we attended two or three cases from which they called for the clubs,” confirmed the medical director of Emerge, Alberto Davidovich. Professionals knew of the use of this substance because the same young people affected by it revealed it.

Experts warn that in the search for new sensations boys take a psychotic behavior which involves damage occurring to themselves. The mixture affects the central nervous system, the kidneys produce sequels and can behave like a drunk and confused with severe neurological toxic.

Drinking Parties

Drinking Parties

The main component is ethylene glycol, an odorless, colorless, sweet-tasting fluid which is also found in antifreeze and chemical detergents. In an interview with People’s Daily, Carlos Damin, addiction specialist and Head of Toxicology of the Fernández Hospital, explained that “after 13 years and in all socioeconomic levels, kids can fall into these mixes with coolant or whatever”. “It is worrying, therefore it is critical that parents stay alert and put clear limits” he added.

“Obviously, there are young people who learned that in this way they can enhance the effects of alcohol and use it without knowing its rapid and harmful toxic effect,” said Davidovich. “They used proportions of brake fluid and were almost killed by chance. Luckily they were alive, but the issue could have been tragic” said the doctor, who said that in recent weeks, several patients were transferred to Centenary hospitals and Emergency Rooms.

A psychiatrist explained that those who take the “crazy jar” look and experience a state of stupidity for not thinking. A year and half ago, he remembered a girl died from this cause in Santa Teresita.

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