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Alegre Design Reveals Breastfeeding Rocking Chair

A rocking chair in the nursery is a mom’s best friend. It makes cuddling and lulling the baby to sleep more comfortable, and breastfeeding such a breeze. However, there’s always room for improvement, and with Alegre Design’s revolutionary rocking chair, breastfeeding becomes as easy as one-two-three, and more stylish, too.


Stylishly Curvy

Rounded edges and curves everywhere – the nursing chair has this no sharp angles to make it truly child-and-mommy friendly furniture. The armrests are curvy, like flower petals spreading outwards in a relaxed fashion, yet sturdy enough to support mommy’s arms as she holds her little one during breastfeeding time.

The back support is slanted a bit to provide just the right support for a breastfeeding mother’s tilted head. And it comes with a soft, breathable pillow for added comfort. The seating has rounded edges, too. It’s padded with the same cushion and cover as that of the pillow.


Classic Wood

The feet and seat frame are made of wood, with the seat extending up to the back. The back portion has a hole for greater airflow through the breathable fabric covering all throughout the chair’s seat, armrest and pillow. The arched feet are just the right curve for that gentle rocking motion to aid baby’s feeding or sleeping.

Breathable Fabric

Alegre Design made use of soft, breathable textile with the back shifting to conform to mommy’s shape and position with ease. The fabric is strong enough to provide the best support, but soft and breathable enough for comfort.


According to Alegre Design, they took into consideration the position, materials and shape to promote better breastfeeding moments for both mommy and baby. They find that a lot of baby products have been enhanced and revolutionized, but not so with mommy products. With the new nursing rocking chair, intimate moments between mommy and baby become more comfortable and enjoyable.

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