Anti-ageing craze: botoxed before 30

Would you consider botox injections before reaching the grand old age of 30 or even before wrinkles start showing? Increasingly more dermatologists these days back the effectiveness of botox from an early age.

Unsurpisingly, the number of younger women needling their faces is on the rise and the Society of Plastic Surgeons claim that women in their 20s make up 30 percent of Botox users.

Botox generation

Botox generation

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Since its introduction in the US in 1997, Botox has become the number one non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the world. The procedure is quick and convenient and does not induce pain.

Results are temporary and reversible and it’s also much cheaper than a good old-fashioned forehead facelift — a procedure that is not being performed much anymore since botox came onto the market.

Should you really start botox early though? According to many doctors and beauty specialists, facial expressions tend to cause wrinkles and this phenomenon can only be stopped by relaxing the incriminated muscles as early as it is needed.

In some extreme cases, botox can be used to correct small defects on the face such as a drooping eyebrow, in order to elongate the eye and make it seem larger.

Applied lightly, it can literally make a face much more harmonious, without inducing a serious case of frozen face — as witnessed regularly on celebrities walking the red carpet.

On the other hand, there also are dermatologists who believe that using botox preventively at a young age, before wrinkles start appearing, is completely useless. According to them, using it on a skin that is already smooth isn’t going to have any effects at all as botox has no way to proactively prevent age signs on the face.

There is indeed little medical evidence to prove the opposite. What’s worse, some claim that overdoing it at a young age could cause muscle atrophy and make people look older in the long run.

What is essential however, is to hydrate the skin effectively and regularly, using quality cosmetic skin-care creams for instance.

In the world of celebrities, botox in your twenties is definitely common practice and many young women are also falling for the trend.

In the UK, young women aged 25 and under visit botox clinics en masse and doctors are encouraging them to do so: consultants such as Anne Marie Gillet declare that “appearance is everything for this age group and they are much more aware of the treatments available to prevent the signs of aging.”

In the end, what is the right age to start with botox? The most common age is considered to be between 35 and 40 years old but experts warns that there are no specific rules.
For this reason, a proper skin assessment is always necessary in order to decide whether or not this would also be beneficial for a younger patient.


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