Belgium | Tour of the beautiful city of Ghent in Flanders

Ghent is located in the Belgian region of Flanders, beyond the typical that you see in tourist brochures or websites. Once there it is recommended that one takes a quick walk around town and gets a good first impression. I assure you it’s worth it.

On a sunny day the sunlight highlights the beauty and charm of this Flemish city. Ghent has the advantage that it’s not a huge city. On the contrary, its medieval center can be visited by foot, so you can walk to the most interesting corners.

Your walk in Ghent will focus on two main axes connected by the bridge of San Miguel. On the one hand, the channel connects with the old commercial docks Graslei and Korenlei, where you can find some of the most typical images of the city, with its beautiful medieval Gothic houses.



On the other hand, you’ll find the axis representing the Limburstraat street. It is said that the bridge takes you through a succession of monuments and important buildings. Thus, after passing through the large pedestrian square Korenmarrkt, where the old Post Office building stands, you find the church of St. Nicholas and Belfry tower along with the building of the Cloth.

Then you have the Saint Bavo Cathedral nearby where you can see the great masterpiece of Flemish painting, The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by the brothers Van Eyck. Within this axis you have other prominent buildings such as the modern and controversial Municipality Hall.

Other prominent places you should not miss during your stroll through the medieval center of Ghent are the Castle of the Counts, a large and robust fortification, and Butchers’ Hall, inside which you can find a wide range of local products.

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