Brighten Up Your Exteriors with Solar-Powered Lighting

As we are advancing towards an ecologically conscious and environment-protective generation, it’s about time solar-powered lighting systems be given utmost attention. Today, there is an increasing demand for solar lights for exterior decoration and functionality.

Different Kinds of Exterior Solar Lights

Solar Garden Ornaments

Solar garden lighting often comes with stakes for easy insertion into the dirt. The top part contains the mini solar panels that accumulate energy from the sun during the day and light up the fixture throughout the night. Many of these solar garden accents have decorative heads, which look like plants or flowers, making them blend easily into a garden.


Solar Path Lighting

Home gardens benefit from solar path lighting, illuminating the pathway during the night. Solar path lighting is more like solar garden accents, only that it is specifically designed for walkways, driveways and perimeters. The usually have stakes, flange mounting, or hanging hooks for better positioning.

Solar Spotlights & Security Lights

Solar spotlights and security lights have bigger panels for greater energy collection and storage. They are very bright and are usually very expensive. But since the power source is renewable, they’re very practical. These lights have multiple mounting options, and are weatherproof and durable.

Solar Lampposts & Wall Lights

For greater illumination, solar lampposts and wall lights are best. They brighten up the exterior from a higher altitude, thus brightening up a larger space. They also add to the overall aesthetics of the yard being highly decorative.

Solar Lanterns & Rope Lights

Some solar lighting systems are meant for hanging on tree branches, fences and other high structures. Solar lanterns and rope lights provide another level of beautification to the yard at night, giving a festive glow.


Choosing Solar Lighting

Place solar lights under direct sunlight for optimum effectiveness. If you don’t have much sun, install a remote photovoltaic panel to which your solar lights may be connected.


To save energy, opt for solar light that has an on/off switch. This means that the system can store energy when not in use. However, if you have good sunlight in your area, opt for solar light with sensor, which lights up only when the surrounding is dark, and goes off at daytime.

Work with a landscape architect for better guidance on choosing and installing solar lighting in your yard.

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