Space shuttle landing

See what astronauts see when they return to Earth

When astronauts return to Earth after their stay at the International Space Station, the capsule in which they make the trip back falls down to the atmosphere at a speed of 25,000 miles per hour. The friction produces on the hull of the capsule an extreme heating, reaching temperatures to 1600 degrees. Astronauts […]

You won’t believe what happens when a slinky spring falls from high

You won’t believe what happens when a slinky spring falls from high

Today’s post is really funny. To play we need a toy or imagination, and today we will use both. The chosen toy is the slinky spring, I’m sure we all understand which one it is. The fact is that in addition to the fun of throwing it downstairs or playing […]

Comet 67P
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The strange melody comet 67P makes

The universe’s still a strange place. The physics we know -in principle- applies to the entire known universe, yet it shows fascinating facets we hadn’t even suspected. For example, with the Rosetta mission on 12 November will try to land Philae probe to analyze from the surface of the comet the geological and light properties […]

They paid attention to every detail
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Meet the Big Bang Theory characters as Lego figures

Howard, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and all the rest already have their own alter ego in Lego figures. This was announced by the companythis November, as The Hollywood Reporter stated. The prototype pack includes figures of Howard, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Rajeeesh, Amy and Bernadette. Also, the set will include a recreation of Sheldon and […]

Specular Spectacular
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The spectacular Sun reflection on Saturn’s moon

NASA‘s spacecraft Cassini has managed to take this dramatic picture of Titan, the large moon of Saturn where we can appreaciate a beautiful sunlight reflected in the seas of hydrocarbons. In the past, Cassini had captured separately images of polar seas and the sun shining on them, but this is the first […]

Congratulations, you're a jerk
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Check out the lastest fashion in Asia | Alive phone cases

That Asians are a world apart is a fact. If we add their love for any fluffy creature we’ll have an explosive cocktail. As explosive as it’s becoming fashionable to use live rabbits as covers for their phones. And they’re not kidding. Someone in Japan posted a picture on Weibo about a bunny being […]

Drinking Parties
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Alarm for a new partying trend | Brake fluid in drinks

The case of three intoxicated youngsters, who nearly died in a nightclub in Rosario, realized the new practice. Drinking this new substance affects the central nervous system and the kidneys produce sequels. A new fashion that is becoming very alarming among parents and authorities. It is a drink that can […]

Christine McKenzie (center) in her lab
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A bucket of this substance could leave a room without air

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have created a new crystalline material capable of absorbing and storing large concentrations of oxygen. A simple 10-liter bucket air could leave a room with no oxygen! At first glance, it seems like the diabolical invention of any superhero’s enemy or a sophisticated military […]