Celebrity Divorces with Whopping Payouts

They say true love is hard to find, which is probably why some people get married and then separate, because their search is not over yet. Some divorces, however, not only stings your emotions, but also your pocket. A lot celebrities definitely know this for a fact.


Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Gibson

The actor’s divorce from then wife Robyn Moorey Gibson not only tops the list of the most expensive, but probably the most painful where Mel Gibson’s pocket is concerned. As they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, Robyn walked away with half of Mel’s $850 million fortune. Ouch! Think it is payment enough for his cheating ways?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Nothing good ever comes out of extra-marital affairs, but the former Mr Universe and Governor of California probably thought he can get away with it. Well, for all his strength and power as Conan or Terminator, he got a very good whooping in the form of $150 to $200 million instead.

Michael Jordan and Juanita

Despite having a prenup, Michael Jordan’s ex wife still walked away with a reported $168 million. You can just imagine how much she could have received if there was no prenup in place. Initial reports claim that the couple decided to split amicably, but court documents revealed that irreconcilable differences led to the breakdown of their marriage.


Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Tiger paid an estimated $100 million to Elin Nordegren for his cheating ways. A measly sum compared to the hurt he has caused to his then wife Elin. With all the women that popped up like mushrooms when the cheating scandal broke out, she deserved more.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving

After four years of marriage, Spielberg and Irving called it quits in 1989. Irving received a settlement of $100 million, which is a huge amount at that time. Although the couple had a prenup, it was nullified as it was written on a napkin.

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