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Celebrity Transformations That Are More Startling Than Stunning – part 2

Undergoing cosmetic surgery and being a celebrity are almost synonymous due to the thousands of actors who have all sorts of physical transformation – from plumper lips to no longer receding hairlines. More and more stars have visited their surgeon’s clinic, some even more than once, with the desire to perfect their looks or maintain that youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, not all procedures went seamlessly. Some celebrities have to suffer the impact of surgeries gone wrong. Check out some of the worst and most shocking transformations that broke the internet:

Barry Manilow – the crooner is rumored to have gone under the knife several times since his younger days, including Botox injections, facelifts and eyelid surgery.


Courtney Love Mrs. Cobain has admitted in the past how she has changed her appearance since her Hole days. She was also reported to have said she regrets getting her lips overly injected and her nose touched up.

Amanda Lepore – she is a New York socialite and a model who has gone way too far with plastic surgery. She’s had facelifts, boob jobs, lip injections and nose jobs, to name a few.

La Toya Jackson – If there’s one thing that she and Michael had in common it was an obsession with plastic surgery. La Toya’s rhinoplasty on the nose was clearly overdone and does not look natural at all. She also had chin and cheek implants as well as lip augmentation.


Donatella Versace – the designer maintains that she’s only had Botox, while attributing her youthful appearance to an extensive beauty regimen – involves lots of facial creams and products for hair and skin.

The pressure to look beautiful and remain youthful in Hollywood is definitely urging more celebs to go under the knife and the before and after photos show what happens when one has had more than enough. Hopefully, this will encourage people to think twice before altering their natural beauty. The goal is not to condemn these personalities but to actually learn from their experience.

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