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Celebrity Transformations That Are More Startling Than Stunning

Have you heard of the TV series Botched? How about the buzz that Rene Zellweger caused when she re-appeared on the limelight looking completely different that she’s hardly recognizable?

Plastic surgeries gone badly are nothing new. But when it happens to celebrities, it usually makes the headlines. This is especially true with personalities who have gone through drastic and horrific changes.

Lara Flynn Boyle

She was one of the hottest casts in The Practice and then Twin Peaks, which makes you wonder why she needed to change the way she looked. Although she neither confirmed nor denied going through the knife, one look at her and you’ll know she went through several procedures. Experts also say she had reconstructive surgery, which explains why she looks nothing like the Lara Flynn Boyle the world knew.

Melanie Griffith

Would you believe she didn’t have plastic surgery when you look at her? Considering how terrible she looks now, the truth becomes pretty obvious. She is one of those cases where an operation that is supposed to make women look good had an adverse effect.


Axl Rose

Just when you think men, especially rock stars, don’t need to change a thing about their looks, Axl Rose happened. Looking at him would make you go tsk tsk with a regretful shake of your head. He used to look really gorgeous, but after a facelift, hair plugs, nose job and several other surgeries, he’s a rock star no more.

Janice Dickinson

While some celebrities keep mum about the work they had done, Janice Dickinson talks about it openly and with pride. She said she lives for plastic surgery, and has done Botox, facelift, Restylne and tummy tuck.

Having plastic surgery is anyone’s prerogative, and anyone who face-shames people who changed their looks should keep a lid on it. But when the work is obviously a botched up job, you can’t help but take a dig on it, too.

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