Channing Tatum Strips Again in Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum fans brace yourselves because Magic Mike is here once more from some greater stripping and teasing on the big screen. Initially released since June 2015, the Magic Mike sequel intends to bank on its predecessor’s huge box office success, and to give fans another dose of greasy, hormone-raising shots.

As a sequel film, XXL can’t help but be compared to the first installment, and viewers are divided in this area. Some say the first movie was way better, some say the second raised the standard. Well, we are not critics here, we just want some titillating entertainment that only a handsome stripper-slash-dancer like Channing can execute, along with his equally gifted cohorts.


In the XXL, Mike played by Channing has a new love interest in the person of actress Amber Heard. He is three years out of the stripping stage when suddenly he begins to rekindle his passion for teasing the female audience. He takes this final shot of making it big as a stripper in a Myrtle Beach showdown.

This movie is pretty intense in that it also stars Will Smith’s better half parading as a strip club owner and emcee, helping Mike and his gang with their spotlight-grabbing gig. And then we have the foxy Andie MacDowell playing as a middle-aged lady romancing Joe Manganiello’s fit character, Big Dick Richie.

XXL deserves applause for not resting on its old format, for taking up a more interesting, less tense plot where the guys’ characters can shine and evolve, and their friendship take on new heights. Already, XXL reaped more than $100 million dollars at the box office, eight times its budget.

The movie is clearly not just an entertainment success for viewers, but also a financial success for the film stars, staff and crew. As far as Channing is concerned, it’s an opportunity to objectify men on screen, and fans are more than happy to oblige.

Magic Mike XXL is directed and co-produced by Gregory Jacobs with Steven Soderbergh handling cinematography under Warner Brothers Pictures and Iron Horse Entertainment.

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