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Check out the lastest fashion in Asia | Alive phone cases

That Asians are a world apart is a fact. If we add their love for any fluffy creature we’ll have an explosive cocktail. As explosive as it’s becoming fashionable to use live rabbits as covers for their phones. And they’re not kidding.

Someone in Japan posted a picture on Weibo about a bunny being used as a smartphone case, which has provoked a wave of followers to begin following this strange new fashion.

This tendency of using your rabbit as a case for your smartphone went from Japan to China and it’s spreading like wildfire. The net is filled with photos of poor bunnies with telephones in their tummy.

Congratulations, you're a jerk

Congratulations, you’re a jerk

We assure you the animals are alive, but personally I don’t understand this trend. Are people damn crazy or what? I imagine the subway in Japan filled with Japanese with their rabbits releasing poop while the owners play Candy Crush, or whatever the popular game is in Asian lands. Besides these dunces sure see super fun and cool to have the poor animal under the phone.

When I saw the first pictures I was astonished, I thought they were stuffed rabbits! I understand that no animal has been harmed to make the photos, but I think it’s grotesque. Let’s pray Saint Android of all Nerds so those douchebags don’t leave their loud music aside on public transport to join the fashion of using a rabbit as a case for their phones.

It doesn't deserve this

It doesn’t deserve this

To top it off, in this photo you’ll see a cat that is perfect too as a case according to this strange fashion. I just hope anyone thinks to do it with an angry pitbull is a good idea and learns the lesson: animals are to enjoy them, not to do be jerks in order to take the coolest photo to be the most hipster on the internet.

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