Checklight helmet to prevent concussions in contact sports

Regarding to sports, technology is evolving every day to seek improvement in working conditions for athletes. The goal is to facilitate optimum conditions of quality and safety for sports people.

To this end emerged in the United States CheckLight, which is probably unknown to you if you’re not an expert in sports gadgets, so we’ll explain it now.

Checklight helmet

Checklight helmet

It is intended for contact sports

There are some sports where there is much contact, sometime up to be violent. It’s the case of rugby, hockey or boxing. In these sports it’s normal to receive impacts in the cranial area which require special protection to prevent significant neurological damage. Concussions in these sports are so common as a sprain is in football, for example.



It’s frequent to see that practitioners of these sports, a few years after retiring, begin to develop diseases related to injuries during their career. Doctors are increasingly concerned about the consequences of these blows to the head for the future of athletes and, therefore, more and more studies are seeking to know their actual health effects.

CheckLight seeks to contribute to research

This contraption, developed both by Reebok and British health company MC10, is a helmet with a sensor that measures the violence of cranial impacts. This gadget will help scientists to gain insight into the long-term effect it can have on the nervous system a repeated cranial impact suffered by some athletes throughout their career.

This may draw more appropriate conclusions about the actual effect and from these conclusions, adapt existing systems of protection to these results  that will be obtained through the use of CheckLight. If its use extends the scope of the practitioners of this kind of sports in the future it’ll be possible to maintain the essence and nature of these sports, but ensuring the welfare and safety of athletes.

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