Did You Know About the Digital Cameras That Changed the World?

Digital cameras definitely set off a lot of changes in the world of photography. When it was first introduced, a lot of people doubted its ability to replace the film camera, but it did just that. These days, anyone can be a photographer with the right digital camera. Well, aren’t you curious what the first versions looked like and the features that come with them?


Sony Mavica

Although not a digital camera per se, it did pave the way for the development of the digital camera. It was the first electronic camera made commercially available in 1981, where pictures were saved in 2-inch floppy disks known as Mavipaks. The 570×490 pixel images were created from freeze-frames of twin-field interlace video images, and can be viewed on TV or after printing.


Logitech Fotoman

Also sold as the Dycam Model 1 in 1990, the Fotoman was the first digital camera that produced black and white 320×420 pixel images. It has a fixed focus lens with automatic exposure, and 1MB of internal memory that can save up to 32 shots. It’s a far cry from the digital cameras sold today, but just as important. After all, it can be considered the mother of all.

Kodak DCS 100

In 1991, Kodak introduced the first ever digital SLR that was primarily intended for photo journalists. Yes, the company had good footing in the digital photography industry, but lost it somewhere along the way, resulting in its bankruptcy. At that time, however, the company wowed the world with a gadget that was essentially a Nikon F3, featuring a 1.4-million-pixel Kodak CCD sensor and a 28mm lens that has an angle view of 80mm, due to its 2.85 focal length magnification factor.

Nikon D1

8 years after Kodak released the DCS 100, Nikon gave the world its first fully-integrated digital SLR. It has a 2.7 million-pixel 23.7x16mm CCD sensor and is capable of shooting non-stop at up to 4.5fps.


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