Dubrovnik | An essential trip to the Adriatic Coast

Croatia has remained unknown for tourists for years but fortunately that has changed dramatically and now there are almost legions of travellers who dare to discover what has long been one of the best kept treasures of the Adriatic.

The Adriatic coast is perfect for those travellers who cannot imagine a vacation without the sea but also don’t want to give up exploring cities with a great historical heritage such as Dubrovnik.

The old town (Stari Grad) and the wall that surrounds it, which remains intact despite the heavy bombing of 1991 alone warrant a trip to Croatia. The defensive structure is a major fortification that remains from the Middle Ages and is part of the Cultural Heritage of Unesco.

View from Dubrovnik

View from Dubrovnik

It stretches for almost two kilometres and in some places reaches 22 meters high and 6 meters thick. It is absolutely essential to devote at least an hour to cross it. It’s best seen during sunset. The views offered are amazing. The view of the crystal clear Adriatic contrasts with the whiteness of the stone on which are carved the palaces of the old town and the red roofs of the houses.

In summer it is open until 19.30 and admission for adults costs 100 Kuna (HRK), approximately 13 euros. For children, the price to the third party is reduced: 30 HRK, almost 4 euros. You can see all information on this and other attractions in the municipal tourism site. There are three entrances: through the Pile gate on the main street (Stradun); in the Fortress of San Juan; and the Fortaleza de San Lucas.

Ideally devote at least two days to enjoy relaxed pleasures of the city, alternate between loitering around the old part with relaxing moments in a nearby beach or enjoy a coffee in one place. Absolutely recommended is a visit to Buza Bar, a suspended joint of the wall (accessed through a hole) from whose terrace you can enjoy a spectacular sunset while having a drink.

Dubrovnik from above

Dubrovnik from above

Before leaving the city, there are two highly recommended excursions that can be done in a day during your Dubrovnik holidays. One is to Mostar. The tour through the historical centre of the city, with special attention to the iconic Old Bridge today rebuilt as a symbol of unity after being shot down during the war in Bosnia.

The other is the National Park Mljet Island. From Dubrovnik it is very easy to get to the island via fast ferry. What you’ll find on Mljet is an island that should not have changed much over the centuries. It’s a haven of nature (five types of forests) and peace that invites to be travelled. Mljet is a curious phenomenon: in the vast central lake is a small island, an island within an island.

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