Fashion tips – for the people away from the cool

Unless you live in an uber-cosmopolitan city like London, Paris, New York, Madrid or some other glistening capital, staying aboard the fashion train is about as easy as staying aboard a real train without paying your fare.

But if you have the basics sorted, the rest won’t matter – you’ll look stylish in almost anything.

While you may not be au fait with the latest trend for scarves wrapped around your knees or lampshades in your elbows (Grazia would probably call that Illumicore or lightbow chic) or some other far-out style that’ll probably only reach your backwater town in the next decade, you can create your own trends and carry them off effortlessly.

Here’s how.

The makeup essentials

While it can be difficult to know what’s in fashion, it’s certainly easy to spot what’s not.


Those fashion rejects who treat TOWIE like a bible of style, wear an unbreakable layer of luminous foundation and have eyelashes long enough to be classed as dangerous weapons – these are not the fashion idols you are looking for.

Makeup is the primary issue here. Few people apply it with enough subtlety to give that appearance of class.

Replace that high street makeup with mineral foundation to avoid that caked on look. You’ll have less heavy looking cosmetics and an effortlessly even skin tone.

Check out the catwalks

Living in some tiny village or town needn’t negate you from the world of fashion now that the internet exists. There are a ton of websites raring to give you the lowdown on the catwalks and the latest makeup styles.


YouTube tutorials, daily blogs, magazine sites – there are more ways to engage with the fashion world than ever before, but only a few are worth regular visits.

First up, head over to Vogue’s website. Even a day of reading their latest articles will replenish your passion for fashion.

For a more personal take on the beauty scene, try Framboise Fashion. The site is an ideal companion for urban living, with plenty of casual styles for cool gigs or high street wear.

Retro chic

Why bother staying on-message with trends when you can delve into the treasure trove of fashion’s past? Love the sleek dresses and pinstripes of the 60s? How about the baroque styles of the New Romantics? Or perhaps you want to go even further into the past – reviving the Jacobean ruff, for instance.

Retro chic

The beauty of fashion is that it has no limits. What you find stylish is what you wear. So worry less about the catwalks and more about what you love.

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