Ferrari FXX K | An even superior car than LaFerrari was possible

You won’t try it, you won’t be able to buy it and you won’t see one in the flesh (or metal and carbon) in your life, but that won’t take you from admiring which is the mother of all Ferraris. If in his latest creation the Italian manufacturer made it clear that it was ‘ The Ferrari’ (that’s the literal translation of LaFerrari), with this super vitaminized and mineralized version Maranello’s creature rises to another level.

Under the pseudonym of FXX K and in the wake of the previous ‘XX’ (based on Enzo and 599 GTO), it’s a model homologated only for circuit sand the few units that will be produced (the first information points to 30),won’t be even for sale: the manufacturer will keep them all for his most exclusive customers to enjoy them in different paths. With these details it’s not surprising it’s been chosen Yas Marina in Dubai as the setting for its debut the next weekend.

Quite impressive

Quite impressive

Obviousare the  modifications made on the street model that, beyond aesthetics, affect the improvement of active and passive aerodynamic. It maintains the height (1,115 mm) and wheelbase (2,650 mm) of LaFerrari, but it’s longer and wider; and also has a front splitter which reduces the 30 mm ground clearance and on the rear two small side flaps and a mobile third in the middle. As a result, at a speed of 200 km/h the downforce is 540 kg.

The hybrid system increases in 50 hp the power of the series one, getting a total of 1,050, 860 of which are from the 6.3 V12 atmospheric engine and the remaining 190 from the electric one. The maximum total torque is 900 Nm. The gearbox chosen for the occasion is a seven ratios DCT.

From inside

From inside

The ‘K’ in the name refers to the incorporated KERS system and offers the driver four modes: Qualify, Long Run, Manual Boost and Fast Charge. The first is designed to maximize performance in short runs, the second one for long runs, the third powers the torque and the last one optimizes battery recharge.

Among other improvements it’ll have Brembo carbo ceramics brakes (of 398 mm diameter front and 380 mm rear), slick type Pirelli tires of 285/650 R19 and 345/725 R20, and double wishbone suspension on the front axis and Multilink on the rear one.

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