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Five Hottest Design Trends for the New Year 2015

It’s 2015, and it’s that time of year again to put up brand new stuff for the home. Here are top design ideas for the New Year you can try for a stylish interior.

Go Bold with Gold

Who doesn’t like sparkles? But you don’t have to be limited to the usual silver and bronze because gold is trendy for 2015. Be bold with your furnishings and decors by adding gold-accented items from gold tone draperies to gold finished sconces and lamps. To create a monochromatic appeal, try mixed gold finishes such as polished brass candleholders, copperleaf plumbing fixtures and brass drawer handles.


Throwback Time

Add a touch of retro in your interiors by picking focal furniture such as a solo cushioned chair in bright orange or playful mustard paired with a throw pillow in geometrical prints or bold patterns. Check out sitcoms in the 50s to the 70s for some design inspirations. Go for sturdy wood furniture, and simply change the upholstery cover for budget-friendly styling.

Bring in the Blues

Accentuate your home with blue ornaments, from throw pillows in blue prints to super bold blue chairs. While you’re at it, why not place a funky gold and blue cushion chair right beside your bookshelf for some trendy reading? The deep, natural color of blues, from indigo to navy, adds warmth and subtle luxury to a living space.


Walls in Blooms

Wallpapers with large flower prints or vintage patterns are trendy for 2015. Find wallpaper design you like and then prep your walls for the new décor. For a good combination, match your draperies with the wallpaper of your choice. The shades should be complementary or monochromatic for a cohesive look. If your wallpaper has bold colors or prints, go for neutral, subdued shades for other interior accents to make your wallpaper stand out.

Prettify with Cowhide

Add cowhide element into your home by picking rugs, throw pillows, blankets or seating that feature cowhide’s natural texture and color pattern. If you’ve already been bold with your living room with your patterned wallpaper and blue-gold seating, divert your attention to your private quarters, accentuating your bed with a combination of cowhide sheets, pillowcases and rugs.


Despite all the bold decoration for 2015, less is still more. Make sure that one motif doesn’t overtake the whole interior. Scatter your efforts to the rest of the house, such that every trendy 2015 design elements are present but not cramped in a single space.

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