Frosty Fashion: How to Beat the Winter Chill


Unless you’re reading this from Marbella, you’re likely freezing your behind off.

Whilst we’ve hardly had the best of summers here in the UK, it seems autumn’s chill has snuck up from nowhere, leaving most of us fearing for the worst when December and January inevitably roll around …

… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Although you want to avoid dressing like an extra from Game of Thrones, winter is most definitely coming, which means you should be prepared to fend off the biting wind and penetrating sleet synonymous with a British winter.

Frosty Fashion

It may seem impossible to stay fashionable during such a cold period, but it’s actually easier than you’d think to remain as a snug as a bug in a rug without compromising on style – and we’re determined to show you how.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few winter fashion tips to make sure you look more Gigi Hadid than a shivering member of the Stark family …

Stylish Knitwear

Gone are the days when knitwear was the preserve of cricket players or Sinatra-esque crooners assembled round a piano at Christmas. Instead, chilly fashionistas are preparing to wrap up in cosy knits and stylish shrugs.

Aside from being practical, these options allow you to stave off the cold and look great, which isn’t always possible with some unworkable winter fashion. Whatever way you look at it, stylish knitwear is a winner come winter.

Sleeveless Coats

A coat without sleeves may sound like a bicycle without wheels or a mug without a handle, but these chic jackets are soaring in popularity among those keen to keep the weather at bay and look like they’re ready for a great night out.

To avoid getting a chill, however, make sure you style your sleeveless coat with a high neck top to nail the current look. Additionally, if you spy a bit of winter sun, be sure to look out your shades to top off this effortlessly stylish outfit.

Flat Boots

When you hear the words flat and boot, it doesn’t immediately scream style – but a great pair of flat boots will change your life! OK, perhaps a tad dramatic, but if you can find a pair you love (and we mean REALLY love), you can get through winter with very few problems.

Whether it’s Ugg Boots or Emu, make sure you get your hands (or should that be feet?) on a pair before the snow comes. Otherwise, you risk stepping out in unsuitable footwear that’ll have you spinning onto your derriere faster than you can say Jimmy Choo.

Now it’s over to you …

What tips would you offer other readers for winter dress? Let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.



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