Going Clear: On the Truth Behind the Kidman-Cruise Split

What usually comes to mind when the word scientology comes up in any conversation or news? Yes, Tom Cruise. As one of the most “devoted” and famous members of the Church of Scientology, he is often associated with the organization. Aside from his movies, of course.

During the Cruise-Holmes split, there were rumours that Scientology had a hand in their divorce. While the claim was never proven to be true, Going Clear just might be able to clear the air, so to speak.

A documentary by Alex Gibney, Going Clear has made shocking claims that the Cruise-Kidman split shared a similar scenario as the Cruise-Holmes divorce. According to the expose, the Church of Scientology frightened Tom Cruise into divorcing Nicole Kidman because of her famous psychologist father. For someone who played Ethan Hunt in all Mission Impossible franchises, you’d think it takes more to faze Cruise.


What was presented in the book, however, would make the toughest of Top Gun weak in the knees. Based on Marty Rathbun’s statement, second in command of church’s head David Miscavige, a task force was started with all intents to make Cruise break up with Kidman. A lot of intel was done, including wiretapping Kidman’s phone, which is quite like a scene from a movie.

The church also ran an intel on Tom Cruise where they learned about his sexual fetishes. It also made attempts to turn the couple’s adopted children against their mother. All this probably felt like Minority Report all over again for Cruise.


It was in 2001 when the couple finally divorced. Shortly after that, Tom Cruise got the Freedom Medal of Valor, hopefully with no pun intended. The expose also suggested that the church went out of their way to please Cruise, buying him airplanes and limos.

Well, if Scientology did play a part in the divorce of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, it is possible that the same thing happened between him and Katie Holmes.


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