Google fights Parkinson’s disease with the Liftware spoon

Google is investing money, brains and technology to improve a spoon that, through hundreds of algorithms, allows people with Parkinson‘s disease eat without spilling their food.

This artifact is called Liftware, and it senses the movement of the hand to instantly make adjustments to improve balance, reducing tremor in a 76% in clinical trials, according to The Associated Press.

‘We want to help people in their daily lives today and hopefully increase understanding of disease in the long run’, said Google spokesperson Katelin Jabbari.

‘It’s totally novel’, said neuroscientist Jill Ostrem, movement disorders specialist and advisor to the inventors of Liftware. According to her, the spoon was of invaluable assistance to their patients.

Trying the spoon

Trying the spoon

‘They had to be fed, and now they can eat on their own … It doesn’t cure the disease, they still have tremor, but it’s a very positive change’, said Ostrem.

Google acquired Lift Labs company in September for an undisclosed sum.

Over 10 million people worldwide suffer from essential tremor or Parkinson and one of the affected ones by this disease is the mother of Sergey Brin, founder of Google.

The solution's finally here

The solution’s finally here

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