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Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel publishes new clip

The campaign continues for Marvel for The Guardians of the Galaxy movie based on a franchise that is unfortunately not very well known to the general public but whose characters have oftenly appeared in the comics of the ” House of Ideas “. Today we will see the clip 3:04 in addition to the previously released movies on the Youtube and the channel of Marvel .


The first movie as the protagonist Rocket allows us to better analyze the appearance of the dubbing, which is essential for a character inspired by an animal and not too convincing as these first images in reality. In Ocean’s eleven style, makes the Rocket “shopping list” to his team mates to organize an escape, only to be forced to improvise in front of an Groot too zealous in carrying out its task …

In the fourth clip instead they are threatened by Drax and Gamora Star Lord intervenes to try to save her life:

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