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Hollywood’s Best Dressed Men and How to Steal Their Style

If you’re a man who needs some fashion inspiration, Hollywood is one of the most obvious places to seek it. In the world of good looking movie stars and beautiful people, it’s reasonable to expect that some of the world’s best dressed men are most often sighted in LA.

But, while appreciating another man’s impeccable fashion sense or general good looks is fine, what does it really achieve? The answer is nothing… unless you take on board what it is they’re doing right and adopt some of their style into your own wardrobe. With a sharp eye and some clever shopping at a men’s fashion specialist like Politix, you can find yourself dressing as well as some of the hottest celebrities – without having to deal with the paparazzi. Below are just three of the best dressed men in Hollywood to take some inspiration from, though there’s no shortage of others you could look to as well.

George Clooney

The epitome of class, George Clooney has been stunning the world with his fashion sense for over three decades now. He is truly a style icon any man could use as a role model in regards to dressing stylishly. George’s style is a testament to the fact that some items – like his classic haircut and wraparound sunglasses – never go out of fashion.

The easiest way to steal George’s style is to try out monochromatic, greyscale ensembles. From charcoal suits to white dress shirts, George is the master of looking fantastic without colour. The only way to find out if this look works for you too is to attempt it yourself; several of these buttoned shirts could be a great foundation for your black-and-white suit. Don’t forget to play the part as well – don’t just look like a gentleman, act like one.

George Clooney

George Clooney

Hugh Jackman

When you’re a ruggedly handsome Australian, you have to approach your fashion a bit differently. Masculinity is seen by too many as incompatible with style, so it’s refreshing to see someone like Hugh consistently contradicting this preconception. He does this by keeping things simple when possible and dressing to match the occasion. Jeans, leather jackets, and black shirts all make regular appearances, while he also wears stylish hats and shorts when appropriate.

To steal Hugh’s style, introduce a variety of black tops to your wardrobe and wear them with leather jackets and jeans. Complete the look with simple dark loafers. While his good looks and fashion sense certainly help, Hugh’s secret to looking stylish all the time is his common sense (i.e. wearing the most appropriate clothes for any given situation) and his personality. Hugh is, above all, a family man. He’s also an advocate for several charities. His positive and down-to-earth character always shines through and this is what adds vibrancy to whatever he’s wearing.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is a modern king of the casual look, including both smart casual and actual casual. Zac’s fashion sense is evidenced by the fact that his outfits have obviously had thought put into them yet they look effortless. Tips to pick up from this master of casual include using subtle colour palettes, looking for the odd quirky printed shirt or patterned cardigan, and adding details like sunglasses for practicality rather than attention. The key here is actually to not think into things too much; if you can convince people you just threw on the first thing you found in the closet, you’ll have successfully nailed this style.

If you’re puzzled about what Zac’s secret to looking great in any outfit is, the answer – unfortunately – is one that you can’t replicate with a trip to the clothes store. Instead, you’ll need to hit the gym; it’s thanks to his undeniably stunning physique that Zac can pull off any look, from suits to beachwear.

Never try to fully recreate a celebrity’s look, no matter how perfect their fashion sense seems to be, because it’s important that you don’t lose sight of your own unique style. The best approach is to spot trends and items that work well for a variety of famous men and add them to your own repertoire of favourite clothes.

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