Honda FCV: a new concept in hydrogen

Let’s talk about the hydrogen car with Honda FCV, a generic name of the concept that anticipates the production version ready to enter the market since March of 2016. The car is an evolution of the 2013 model seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year and renews its characteristics as the small size of the fuel cell, minus 33 %, and the engine power exceeds the 100 kW.

Honda FCV Interior

Honda FCV Interior

The high-pressure hydrogen tank can store fuel in an amount to reach 700 km with a full speed with no exaggeration. Of course you can go with hydrogen refueling in about three minutes, eliminating long waiting times of electric battery.Finally comes a new feature, the ability to use the Honda FCV as a powerhouse in miniature thanks to the “Power Exporter ” , which makes it useful to provide electricity in the most critical situations, such as when a flood or a landslide cut off the power lines in the country and in any emergency situation.



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