How Can You Stay Fit and Healthy during the Holiday Season?

It’s a well-known fact that many people gain weight and lose their commitment to health during the holiday season. This isn’t really surprising; for one thing, the cold weather is perfect for taking a nap or snuggling with a warm blanket and a mug of cocoa, making it harder for people to go for a run or visit their gym. The season is also the time for Christmas parties, Hanukkah celebrations, and other types of get-togethers where creamy, greasy, and sinfully delicious foods are almost always present, making it more difficult for dieters to eat the right things.

Fortunately, if you’re one of those who are trying to stay fit and healthy, you don’t have to give up on your goals. After all, there are several things you can do to stick to your diet and training program and maintain excellent wellbeing during the holidays. These include:

Eating before going out

It’s easier to resist the temptation of cakes and other desserts when you’re already full. So, before going to your annual family get-together or office Christmas party, eat your fill at home. Stock up on fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber and will make you feel full for a long time.


Working out in short bursts

During the holidays, you probably won’t have the luxury to spend an hour in your gym. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you should just forget about working out. Instead of exercising in one whole block of time, divide your workouts into smaller segments. Spend 10 minutes doing push-ups in the morning, another 10 minutes taking a walk around your office block during lunchtime, and another 10 minutes lifting weights before dinner ― and voila, you’ve had 30 minutes of exercise in one day!


Drinking more water

You can get dehydrated during your winter, especially when you’re running around the place as you organize parties, buy gifts, and whip up delicious dishes. So keep a water bottle by your side and chug on water throughout the day. An added bonus: being properly hydrated means you won’t be tempted to down alcoholic drinks or soft drinks to quench your thirst, so you can avoid a lot of calories.


Follow these tips now to stay fit and healthy during the holidays!

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