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How Technology Can Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

It would be very unfortunate when, leading up to Valentine’s Day; you get into a big fight with the love of your life. Depending on the gravity of the situation, you could be celebrating all by your lonely self. Well, if you don’t want something like this to happen, you might want to take it easy on technology. While it is a boon for some, it can be a bane in certain areas in your relationship.


Be careful what you “tag” for

Social media has a way of ruining things for a couple, and some people won’t even know it is happening. Just think: did you get all worked up when your boyfriend didn’t change his relationship status after you became an item? If you have a difference of opinion on what pictures to tag or ideas to post, trouble could be cooking up in paradise. So make sure to ask permission before you tag anything. Better yet, treat every photo and information with respect before you use them for whatever purpose.

Get off the grid when the situation calls for it

It’s fascinating how some people can have lunch and spend very little time talking to each other. If it wasn’t ridiculous to chat or email while standing face to face, some people would probably be doing it. While this may be okay with friends (albeit dubiously), it will never be acceptable when going out on a date. The focus should be on each other and not on technology. It is best to switch off once in a while.


Avoid password sharing

Do you consider having access to your partner’s online accounts a declaration of love or trust? If you answered yes, you might want to do a reality check. Some things are better left private, and having access to emails can trigger all sorts of problems, including loss of trust.

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