How to Keep Your Real Christmas Tree Green Longer

It’s that time of the year again – the time when people scout malls and tree farms for the perfect Christmas tree to bring in the festive holiday spirit to their homes.

Christmas tree plantation

While some might go for the synthetic Christmas trees, there are a plenty of families out there that live by the tradition of putting up a real Christmas tree inside their cheerful abodes. Whether potted, container-grown or containerized, there’s always the common question of how to keep real Christmas trees longer lasting.


Cool temperature is essential to keep real Christmas trees in their best condition. If you are living in a fairly warm area, make sure you keep your tree well-hydrated. Trees can typically absorb up to one liter of water within 24 hours after having been cut down. It would be ideal to use cold water for watering. Also, don’t let the water run below the tree base.


Who would want to present a tattered tree for Christmas, right? So make a habit out of checking your tree for dead or dying branches every once in a while.

Replanting in a Garden Pot 


If your tree has arrived way too early for Christmas, you might want to consider replanting it in your garden or in a garden pot for the meantime. Bring the tree indoor as late as you can. The weekend before Christmas time would be ideal. And, should you decide to reuse the tree for next year’s celebration, root it back to your garden and care for it as you do with your other plants.


Lastly, make sure you keep your tree away from heat. Don’t position it close to heaters or fireplaces. You might also want to avoid placing it near windows that receive direct sunlight. High temperature will dry up your tree, resulting in lesser water consumption.

Home-Depot-has-live-Christmas-trees-and-artificial-Christmas-treesJust keep these tips in mind and your organic Christmas tree will be in good condition even after the Christmas season!

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