How to Use Onions for Effective Detox

While cutting onions will give you teary eyes, this pungent veggie can surely give your health a boost.

Onions are known to have many incredible health benefits. It can reduce inflammation and heal infection, encourage the production of good cholesterol, scavenge free radicals, and improve the effectiveness of vitamin C in your body. It can even help reduce cancer!

So, if you’re looking for a detox alternative that is cheap and not so complicated, try onion detox.

Sleeping with Onions in the Socks


Many would swear to this method. In Chinese medicine, the bottom of the feet is considered powerful and is claimed to have direct access points (meridians) to vital bodily organs. These meridians are believed to be dormant because we wear shoes, keeping the meridians from being stimulated. This is why the Chinese recommends walking on barefoot, especially when inside the house.

Now, if you suffering from flu and infection, or any other illnesses, one of the best ways to use onion detox is to cut up organic onions into slices and apply these to the bottom on your foot. Use a pair of socks to keep them in place for the entire night, allowing the bottom of your feet to be immersed in onions while your slumber.

As you sleep, the powerful chemicals of the onions will be absorbed by your skin, allowing its natural healing powers to work in your body.


Putting onions on your feet is said to kill bacteria, germs and pathogens. Its phosphoric acid, once absorbed, will purify your blood. The chemical it releases will also purify the air you are breathing, eliminating toxins and chemicals.

It is believed that 500 years ago in England, during the plague, people would chop up onions and leave it in the room to absorb bacteria and viruses that may cause flu, infection and other diseases, proving that the onions are have a long history of being used for medical reasons.

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