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Kardashians – The New Target of Plastic Jesus’ Trolling

Remember the life-sized golden Oscar statuette snorting lines of cocaine on all fours? That provocative installation was made by street artist Plastic Jesus who has since been dubbed by many as the “Banksy of LA.” But who exactly is this guy?

Plastic Jesus, according to Buzzfeed, “is a street artist on the level of Banksy. His work is provocative, socially charged and elegant. He is one to follow for sure.” In his website, it says that “his work combines humor, irony, criticism and unique opinion to create art that engages on many levels.”


Yesterday, Plastic Jesus’ name has made the rounds online again for his latest work – signs that says “No Kardashian Parking.” These installations have been seen in many parts of Los Angeles, California. The elusive genius behind them says that they are to criticize how the lives of the famous reality TV family have become a constant news story.

This controversy comes after LA Mayor Eric Garcetti earned the people’s praises for setting up a test of new street signs that will  make parking more convenient. However, Plastic Jesus could have felt that the city government forgot to put one thing on those signs: restricting the Kardashians from parking anywhere, anytime.

Plastic Jesus explained that the signs he made are to slam how the city has enabled the ugly face of celebrity culture where paparazzi make sidewalks and public places even more chaotic in their desperate pursuit to take a few snaps especially when it comes to the famous reality TV family.


Currently, the No Kardashian Parking signs can be found in seven locations. Plastic Jesus said to The Daily Beast, “I chose locations which are frequented by celebrities, including Robertson Boulevard near the Ivy restaurant, and an Italian restaurant near Melrose and Robertson called Cecconi’s.”

“I had to put one outside the Kardashian’s store on Melrose, as well.”

If you’re wondering how the shadowy artist managed to put up the signs unnoticed, he said, “I kind of looked official—I put a few cans out and wore a high-visibility vest, so they may have thought I was just a city official amending the street signs.”

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