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Lucky Dragon can be downloaded for free today on Amazon App Shop

Lucky Dragon is a fun puzzle / platforming action game, where we help you get a dragon on the other side of the picture by moving the walls that impede its path. It is optimized for casual play on mobile devices: the levels are generally short, and the only command available is tap anywhere on the screen.

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon

Longevity is ensured by the large number of levels, more than 200, and the graphics and sounds and nice without being too greedy in terms of special effects.Lucky Dragon is a free game of the day on Amazon App Shop: thus save about € 2 version of “regular” this on Google Play.

To get the discount, you must manually install the App Shop on your device. It’s a pretty simple procedure, explained in a comprehensive and detailed directly from Amazon at this link. Of course, you also need to create an Amazon account, free of charge.


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