Make your business SHINE on the wonderful web

Internet businesses are a bit like sex lives – plenty of people have one, but very few understand how to do them well. A bunch of your pals probably have Etsy accounts seeing no profit. Some might have invested in vast online stores to sell their wares, only to see a profit of precisely zero.


Unless you know the ins and outs (ahem) of owning an online business you’re unlikely to find much success in this vast global network. Just think about it – on your high street you’ve maybe got 10 competitors. On the internet millions of other sites are jostling to become the frontrunners in their industry.

But your web business can be a hit – you just have to make sure you’re giving the customer what they want.

Mail order perfection

Have you ever suffered the indignity of waiting for a parcel? It’s like Godot with postage stamps. You’ll take the day off work, sit in, take root for a few days, quietly starve, then find a note attached to your door which reads, “Sorry we missed you! We’ll try again in the next decade!”

No one should have to be irritated like that. And if you’re the internet retailer who’s put them through such an ordeal they won’t be shopping with you again.

But decent postage doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you’re sending a courier to China or Timbuktu, the right provider could give you first-class delivery without breaking the bank.

The best of these providers will allow you to track your parcel and even offer recorded delivery. So shop around for the best deal.

Call the pros

Various web design and media agencies exist to help improve your site, fine-tune your search engine optimisation or even build a website from the ground up. While these services can be pricey, they’re also vital if you want your site to be more than a two-bit enterprise.

The cream of the agency crop will provide you with constant input to keep your web presence at the top of Google’s rankings. Whoever you choose, make sure they’ve got web credentials and a proven track record.

Core demographics

For those of you not in the know, your core demographic is basically your ideal customer. They’re the person who’s most likely to click on your site and put your products in their shopping basket. And if you’re not sure who they are, your business will hit an obstacle long before it gets started.

Research the type of person who’d typically purchase your product and tailor your website to suit their needs. The number of interested parties searching your site will increase dramatically.



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