Malware infection now in electronic cigarettes too

As if it was not enough with hard drives, WiFi connections or USB gadgets, we now have a new type of devices to worry about when it comes to avoiding malware: electronic cigarettes. A security analyst claims to have found malware on one of these devices manufactured in China.

How is it possible for an electronic cigarette to spread a PC virus? The answer lies in the cable. Many of these devices charge their batteries via USB. The case has been made public by a Reddit security technician. The specialist was analyzing a particularly rare infection on the computer of one of the directors of the company.

This one could be the next victim

This one could be the next victim

After discarding all the most common routes of infection, this technical assures that he finally located the malware encoded in the user’s electronic cigarette, a device manufactured in China and acquired throught eBay.

The case has not been confirmed, and the redditor has not provided any more details about the type of virus or brand of the device, so we advice to take these news with a healthy dose of caution. However, it is perfectly possible to infect an USB device with malware at hardware level.

Loading malware infection...

Loading malware infection…

The recent case of BadUSB (where an USB vulnerability allowed others to control PCs)  is a good example of this. The electronic cigarettes fever is making appear even devices for vaping with Bluetooth, so it is not unlikely that new cases of this type occur in the future. For now, the best prevention is to keep loading our cigarettes with a charger and not in the laptop USB ports.
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