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Modern Lighting in the Home

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in these modern times and this is perhaps nowhere more evident than in home-lighting techniques. If you are looking to provide your dwelling with a bespoke ambiance and a unique personality, nothing can change its overall impression than an educated choice of lighting fixtures. However, you are likely already aware that there are a variety to choose from and such a selection can prove challenging. So, it is always a good idea to have a basic understanding of the main categories and what each type will offer your home.

Floor Lamps

These freestanding lamps can often be seen in modern homes. Ideal for rooms of all sizes, such fixtures will offer the illusion of height. Models that will shine the light upwards as well as traditional downward-facing types are both available.

Electronic Candles

Providing a safe alternative to traditional flames, electronic candles have become immensely popular during the past few years. These are available in a variety of styles and colours while trusted designers such as House of Fraser will offer unique models that can seamlessly blend into your existing decor.

“Fairy” Lights

These free-hanging variants were at one time considered to be only appropriate for parties. However, a trend has emerged which now allows fairy lights to be hung within nearly any room imaginable. From a one-of-a-kind arrangement over a bed to their delicate placement around the mantle of a fireplace, LED fairy lights will provide a truly mystical glow to your room.

Modern Lighting

Modern Lighting

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Mirroring a flavour slightly associated with the Art Deco movement, the wall light is another fixture which has made a comeback in recent times. As you may have already guessed, the designs to choose from are nearly limitless and as they have a very small physical “footprint”, wall-mounted fixtures are perfect ideas if you are lacking space and yet still wish to enjoy proper illumination.

Motion-Activated Units

If you are looking to save a bit of money while helping the environment, this option is a great choice. Motion-activated lights will only turn on when movement is sensed within a room. Therefore, you never have to worry about leaving a light on and wasting electricity. It is a general fact that these systems can be easily integrated into your current wiring plan and many modern varieties consist of nothing more than a plug-in sensor.

LED Bulbs

We had earlier mentioned LED bulbs as an alternative to their incandescent counterparts. These devices generate little heat and they will last for a very long time. Also, LED lights are available in a variety of hues such as blue, red, green and white. Some can even change colours during their operation; perfect if you wish to punctuate a certain room with personality.

These are some of the most prevalent trends in home lighting. With a bit of innovation and by thinking outside of the proverbial box, you can encounter the perfect illumination scheme for your home.

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