Motorola Keylink to not lose your keys again

Motorola wants to try to resolve a constant and sometimes annoying situation. Somebody’s sitting on the sofa, hasn’t moved much at home, and decides to leave. Goes to seek car keys and can’t find them. Checks in the pockets and nothing. After an awkward moment and few more minutes of searching, those keys won’t appear.

Motorola Keylink wants to avoid this with a device that connects to your keychain and is controlled by Motorola Connect application. If the user loses the keys it simply runs the application and it’ll show the keys on a map. From the ‘app’ you can also order the Keylink to sound, but only if it’s in a range of 30 meters.

Together forever

Together forever

The device also works in reverse. That is, if the user has the key with the gadget but can’t find the phone, it can press a Keylink button and the phone’ll start ringing.

This device’s not limited to Motorola phones. It supports Android and iOS phones and tablets. Users have to download the  Motorola Connect application from Google Play and App Store.

If you have a Moto X (second generation), Droid Turbo or any other phone with Android 5.0 (Lollipop), the Keylink can also be configured as a replacement password. When the user brings the keychain to the phone, it’ll be unlocked.

It’s on sale through Motorola website for $24.99. The company guarantees the KeyLink’s battery charge lasts for a whole year. It uses a CR2032 lithium button battery.

Relief has a price

Relief has a price

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