Mozilla Firefox releases a browser just for IT developers

They just announced that next Monday, 10th November, it will debut a browser focused on IT developers.

From Mozilla they claim that the role of the developer community is very important in the development and evolution of the Internet, helping in the definition of standards and the construction of tools that facilitate the creation of new applications and Web content.

MDN stands for Mozilla Developers Network

MDN stands for Mozilla Developers Network

They also explain that developers must use different applications which sometimes cannot be used simultaneously, which means that they must change tools, platforms and browsers, which might turn them into less productive.

With the arrival of this new developer-oriented browser, they hope these ones have the tools they need in order to facilitate their work.

The browser Mozilla will present next week has put the interests of developers in the first place so they can create web experiences in the simplest way, as they reported in their blog.

In this sense, they have decided that the new browser will integrate tools like WebIDE and Firefox Tools Adapter.

Many details of this browser remain unknown beyond those discussed before and the ones you can see in the video below, but the wait will be short and next week more data will be disclosed in this regard.

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