Not a Fan of Air Travel? Make Flying More Fun with These Tips

Not everyone loves flying. It’s boring, if not sickening. And it makes your bum and your ears hurt. Of course, there’s the hassle of busy airports, annoying security checks, delayed flights, missing luggage – the list could go on. You may not like air travel, but there are times when you can’t really avoid it because it’s the only best option you have. Make flying a more pleasant experience with these tips:


  1. Take advantage of the “online check-in” service offered by most airlines.

You can do this usually from 24 hours to 1 hour before your flight. You’ll want to use this service as it can save you time and allow you to bypass long queues at the airport. Thus, going through the boarding process can be a breeze.

  1. Know the importance of arriving early for your flight.

Leaving for the airport less than two hours before your departure can lead to a string of unfortunate events. You’ll be rushing to get to the airport, which can put you at risk of getting into a road accident. Then, you’ll be pissed off when you arrive at the airport because there’s too many people. You’ll then need to hurry in checking in and going through airport security. And because of the long queues, you could actually miss your flight. So make it a point to arrive earlier.


  1. Bring anything that can keep you from getting bored.

Be it games on your iPhone or tablet, a good book or a music player, you’ll need something to entertain you while waiting for your flight and while you’re onboard the plane. This is especially true if it will be a long flight and if you’re with kids.


  1. Always be well equipped. Pack your headphones, earplugs, eye mask and inflatable neck pillow in your carryall. That way, you’ll be able to have peace of mind and tranquility during your trip.

  1. Keep a personal journal of your travel. It can help to pass the time. You can draw, doodle or write on your journal anything you fancy.

Don’t let your fear of flying stop you from conquering the world. With these tips in mind, you’ll have an excellent time going anywhere you want to.


photos by Robert Couse-BakerDennis Jarvisblue_quartz and Eric

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